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  iG3s GNSS Receiver Pricing

Other than a suitable tripod, the iG3s GNSS receivers come complete, ready to record OPUS compatible static raw data sets. Each kit includes these items:

Pricing Details



iG3s_Kit Complete Kit Includes:
  iG3s GNSS Receiver
  User Manual
  Hard Carry Case
  Download / Program Cable
  Lithium-Ion 7.4V 3,400 mAH
  Quad Battery Charger
  Power Adapter
  SECO 91641 Stedi-Rest
  External Battery Clips

Includes UPS Ground Shipping to most USA destinations.


iG3s & X9x Accessories and replacement parts

iGxDataCable iGx - GPS to PC Data Cable (included with kit) $ 150.00
iGxXPwrCable iGx - External Power Cable; barrel connector to battery clips (included with kit) $ 70.00
iG3sPwrHeavyDuty iGx - External Power Cable, Heavy Duty 2-meter Power Cable (optional) [ Brochure ] $ 100.00
iGxBattery iGx - Lithium Battery 7.4 V 3,400 mAh
(included with kit)
IMPORTANT: Batteries must ship by UPS Ground.
iGxQuadCharger iGx - Quad Slot Battery Charger (included with kit) $ 290.00
iG3sUserManual iG3s Printed User Manual (included with kit) $ 15.00

Don't hesitate to call us at:

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to order or for assistance.


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