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 iGage is the leading provider of professional static-observation GNSS receivers

Attention! iG3s Superseded by iG4

15 October 2019:

The iG3s has been replaced by the iG4, a similar device.

Same size, same price, Galileo tracking and longer battery life!

[ iG4 Information ]


  • Tracks 384 channels: GPS: L1/L2/L5/L2P/L2C GLONASS: L1/L2 BeiDou: B1/B2/B3

  • Designed for NGS OPUS Static & RS, perfect for OPUS Projects and all Static GPS Campaigns

  • Simple download tool supports OPUS, AUSPOS, RTX CenterPoint, IBGE with automated uploading and submittal

  • Large ground-plane geodetic antenna offers low angle tracking and near choke-ring performance

  • Simple one-button (power-switch) operation, emulates USB External Drive for download

  • Printed User Manual makes use and OPUS processing simple [ User Manual ]

  • 4-GB Internal Memory: stores ~283 days of 5-second observation data

  • Rugged, Waterproof, Submersible, IP67

  • Affordable prices include UPS Ground shipping to most locations in the USA

  • For affordable, high performance GNSS-RTK receivers [ click here ]

  • What are the differences between the X90-OPUS and the iG3s? [ click here ]

  • Optional [ heavy-duty external power cable ]

 iG3s Benefits
Easy to Use:  One-Button Operation
Simple Data Management:  Mounts as a USB Disk Drive
Automatic Download and Submittal:  Single button download, automatic submission to OPUS
Reasonable Price:  Campaigns benefit from additional receivers,
 1/3 the price of other L1/L2/L2C receivers
Rugged receiver with hard-shell case:  The iG3s will provide years of service

the iG3s is export controlled: [ details ]

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