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 OPUS Automation Tools

Distribution Folder All of the tools and data sets mentioned on this page can be found here:
  [ http://ig3s.com/out/OA_OU ]
Accumulator / Uploader
Mail List

If you use the OPUS_Uploader or OPUSAccumulator, even just occasionally, please signup for the mail list so you can be alerted to updates and changes:

OPUS Accumulator:

If you process multiple NGS OPUS reports collected over the same mark, the OPUS Accumulator (OA) may be a real timesaver for your workflow.

OA reads every .txt, .eml and .msg file in 'Path to Process' then attempts to extract OPUS results from each file.

Tabulated values are sorted by start-time then written to Summary.prn in the same path. Columns with numeric data are summarized with Min, Max, Range, Average and the Sample Standard Deviation. Lat/Lon averages are shown in decimal degrees and DD MM SS.sss forms.

OA also computes a velocity by least-square fitting a line through the time ordered points.

Input files can be Text files, FireBird .eml or Outlook Message .msg files (you can drag and drop groups of OPUS solutions directly from Outlook or FireBird into a folder, the OA should read them.)

If you need the OPUS Accumulator, you really need it and will use it often.

In the distribution folder above, you will find a ZIP file with around 300 outlook message files that you can use to test OA.


OPUS_Uploader: The OPUS_Uploader (OU) tool allows you to automate the submission of observation files to the NGS OPUS, OPUS-RS and OPUS-PROJECTS services.

With OU you can submit a single observation file, a folder's worth of observation files or EVERY SINGLE observation file in a path.

OU can be run from the command line or from a windows dialog box. It is compatible with the SSL HTTPS NGS services.

There is a complete User Manual in the distribution ZIP file.

1 September 2018: The 2005 build of OPUS_Uploader is now required for compatibilty with the NGS server. Build 2005 of OU does not work with Windows XP. XP is no longer a viable computer to use with NGS services.


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