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  iG3s User Manual

Attention! iG3s Superseded by iG4

15 October 2019:

The iG3s has been replaced by the iG4, a similar device.

Same size, same price, Galileo tracking and longer battery life!

[ iG4 Information ]

Every iG3s GNSS receiver comes with a printed full color User Manual.

You should also check out the [ OPUS Best Practices ] FAQ in addition to the User Manual for tips and suggestions for making successful OPUS occupations. The Best OPUS Practices document is now included in the [ iG4 User Manual ] too.

Click on the image or link below for a full resolution PDF copy of the User Manual and Best Practices FAQ:


[ iG3s User Manual ]    [ OPUS Best Practices ]


the iG3s is export controlled: [ details ]

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