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  iGx-Download Updates

The iG3s receiver includes the iGx-Download tool that automates downloading observations from the receiver. This tool is only compatible with the iGage iG series and CHC X9x receivers sourced by iGage Mapping Corporation.

You can download the latest tool by clicking the link below:

[ iGx-Download Tool ]

Current Version B9562 07 September 2018

If you are using Windows 7:
You will probably need to manually apply this official Windows security patch: [ Update to enable TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2 as a default secure protocols in WinHTTP in Windows ] Use the 'Easy Fix' - 'Download' option 2/3 of the way down the page.

If you are using Windows XP:
It is no longer (since September 1, 2018) possible to utilize Windows XP in conjunction with ANY NGS website or function (like OPUS.) We believe that this is the end-of-the-line for your Windows XP computer with respect to submitting occupation files to online NGS OPUS tools. The iGage iG-Download tool continues to work in Windows XP, however it can not be used to assist in the submission of files from a Windows XP machine to NGS. There is no known resolution to this issue, it is time to purchase a modern computer.


Past Versions  [ here ]
Future Versions (beta)  
Recent Version Note

B9558: 2018.8.11.9558  August 11, 2018

Fixed/changed volume naming function. The volume now starts with 'iG' followed by the first 9-characters of the device serial number.

Added 'Loosen Filename Match' checkbox on settings tab. When checked, the download tool will find, transfer and use devices with names like 'BASE' in addition to devices with full 7 or 8 digit serial names.

B9560: 2018.9.5.9560  September 5, 2018

Updated OU tool to support latest TLS version. No changes to iGx_download tool.

There is no support for Windows XP when uploading observations to the NGS. This is an NGS security issue and has nothing to do with the iGage iG_Download tool.

B9561: 2018.9.6.9561

Added debugging traces for filename inclusion when reading devices to help debug custom device names on iG8,i80... style receivers.

Placed new (64-bit) version of TEQC in distribution.

B9562: 2018.9.7.9562

Added additional debugging traces for filename inclusion when reading devices to help debug custom device names on iG8,i80... style receivers. (If you change the filename of the recorded observation files on the iG8 style devices, be sure to check the 'Loosen Filename Match' checkbox box on the settings tab!

Placed new 32-bit version of TEQC in distribution.


the iG3s is export controlled: [ details ]

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