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  iGx-Download Updates

The iG3s receiver includes the iGx-Download tool that automates downloading observation from the receiver. This tool is only compatible with the iGage iG series and CHC X9x receivers sourced by iGage Mapping Corporation.

You can download the latest tool by clicking the link below:

[ iGx-Download Tool ]

Current Version B9557 27 Feb 2018

Past Versions  B9544 B9545 B9546 B9549 B9550 B9557
Future Versions (beta)  B9558
Current Version Note

B9557: 2018.2.27.9557  February 27, 2018

A submission page update on the NGS OPUS submittal website changes the antenna selection from a select box to a Ajax select2 selector with run-time antenna list download. This build (9556) enables java execution in the IE emulator by setting the registry:

'SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main\FeatureControl\FEATURE_BROWSER_EMULATION\' = 11001

An attempt is made to load the antenna type into the correct hidden field on the webpage, however it fails so the user is prompted to manually select the proper antenna.


the iG3s is export controlled: [ details ]

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